Mineral and Vitamin Supplement

Fortified with B&B Premium 21%
  • A complete and absorbable supplement
  • No filler formulation, flavor added for palatability
  • All ingredients are organic accepted
  • For best results, feed KOMBAT READY with Kombat Boot
Product Information
The base of KOMBAT READY is B&B Premium 21%, a proprietary mixture of monocalcium and dicalcium phosphates. B&B Premium 21% has very low levels of impurities and dust, therefore, absorption of these minerals is significantly enhanced.

The balance and purity of KOMBAT READY will promote growth and maintain sound structural development in young horses and combat nutritionally related developmental orthopedic disease.

KOMBAT READY will ease the stresses of the high performance horse due to its balance and purity.

No filler formulation means high absorption rates and low contaminant rates: simply getting what you paid for. Additional salt or electrolytes should be offered to active horses to offset loss through perspiration.

kombat Boots
Feeding Guidelines
Feeding Directions (2oz scoop included in each container)
Foals ½ scoop
Yearlings 1 scoop
Yearlings & Older 1 scoops 2 oz
Mature Show or Pleasure Horse 1 scoops 3 oz
Broodmare and Stallion 1½ scoops 3 oz
Lactating Mares 2 scoops 4 oz